Fashion Design & Fashion Business

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54.04.01 Дизайн

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Program description

The program is aimed at forming a harmonious combination of the competencies of the fashion designer and the skills of an entrepreneur and a businessman in the field of fashion industry. The program is formed in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standards of the Russian Federation in Design specialty.

The program will provide the graduate with creativity, communication skills, including those in business environment, the ability to present and promote their projects.

The curriculum is made up in such a way that there is a balance between creative, organizational and economic disciplines that educate the graduate as a designer. The successful accomplishment of these disciplines will allow graduates to start their own brand and conduct activities in the field of fashion business.

The implementation of the program is provided by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University with the participation of Russian and foreign leading experts and practitioners in the field of international business.

Admission requirements

Candidates are required to hold a Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degree in related subject area. All applicants must demonstrate English Language proficiency at B+ level.