International Economy & International Business

Program language: English

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38.04.01 Экономика

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Program description

The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists who are able to analyze global economic trends and conduct successful activities in the field of international business. The program is formed in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards of the Russian Federation in Economics field.

The educational program in question will provide graduates with the formation of a system of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of international business, strategies for entering the international markets, functioning joint ventures and organizations, developing digital technologies, analyzing the economic situation and the state of individual world markets, etc.

The curriculum contains a set of disciplines forming the principles of tolerance and open dialogue with representatives of various business cultures, professional skills in making forecasts of the development of international economic activity of enterprises and organizations, as well as the ability to competently work with international and national regulatory documents.

The implementation of the program is provided by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University with the participation of Russian and foreign leading experts and practitioners in the field of international business.

Admission requirements

Candidates are required to hold a Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degree in related subject area. All applicants must demonstrate English Language proficiency at B+ level.